Oh @*&^$&$!!!!!


Ottawa bound Q-Guys,
This weekend, I came to the rude realization that my flight to Ottawa in my
Q-200 is not going to happen. While final machining the rocker arm shaft
bosses on the number two cylinder for new bearings, I found a crack all way
across the center boss. I am afraid that my plans for Ottawa are crushed. It
is going to take several more days to get the boss repaired and there is no
way for me to get the rest of my test time flown-off before Ottawa. In the
interest of safety (not pushing too hard to get there/ doing something
stupid), I have declared defeat for this year. My heart will be there with
you guys. I will be there next year with a fast and "proven" machine. One
that will be buzzing the field with orientation flights from sun-up to
sun-down. I will deeply miss our annual gathering! I promise to keep hard at
work on the final tweaks of the Q-200, keep everyone appraised of the final
flight tests and possibly make a Q-gathering or fly-in in the near future.
Don, please retain my payment for the activities. Consider it a donation to
a great cause and some fun for a great group of guys! ~T~

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