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AMAZING. I published QTALK over 10 years and had some 500 readers at one point and only had ONE report of a
Q2 builder making his own fuselage. Amazing what people wont share. Never heard that any got flying.
Now the Dragonfly turtle deck was done as you describe.

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You guys are forgetting there were not only several Q2 laid up by hand but that there were several other designs around that period you built by hand. These were not slab sided boxes either. 

Most were built using a version of plank on strip like a canoe. The foam was pressed into female bulkhead formers glassed on the inside then removed and placed over the actual bulkheads then glassed on the outside. Any extra weight game from gluing the foam planks together. If those were a tight fit very little weight was gained. Loose or sloppy fits and you would see more than a few pounds extra. I seem to recall one guy using vacuum bagging somehow and actually being very slightly lighter.

So it is most definitly possible to do. The real question is if a set of shells is available for the right price or good condition compared to the extra work this will require.


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Yes. All q-1's were built square sided per plans... so it is POSSIBLE to build a square sided Q2. The very first Q2 was square sided BUT
for an amateur to do it will take a whole lot of thinking and planning and prolly backtracking as you fix a foul-up.
Better to bite the bullet, get a part time job and track down some shells to buy.


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I'm looking to start my Q200 but as I look over the construction manual I've notice that the call for the construction of the fuselage is a 4 part glue together shells.  Is it possible via plans to build the fuselage without these shell parts?

Chandler, AZ

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