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Jeff Russell <Jeff@...>

Jon Finley wrote:

Wow!! When did you join us Jeff?? I had no idea we such an authority among
us!! Welcome and please jump in as often as time permits!

For those that don't know Jeff has been in the composite world for a very
long time and is an "authority" in my book. I don't know his entire history
but it does include lots of work on Rutan "style" planes. How about a brief
resume Jeff?
Jon, thanks for giving me the big head. I am no authority but
I have seen enough and built enough to learn a little.
Back around 1986 I purchased a set of Co-Z plans for the 3 place.
I had built a 2 place overhead pusher and disliked the thrust issue
with it. By then I had 3 to 400 hours in twin utralights and N3 cubs.
I was ready for a fast, cross country glass airplane. Built the
Cozy 3 in 3 years and love it but needed a larger airplane because
of my child. My father, retired X- aero engineer that worked on the
moon rockets and space shuttle decided that we would build a kit for
the both of us. We purchased a Velocity RG kit in 1991 and built the
airframe in 3 months. What a difference in time to build from plans
built to a kit. There was a lot of things that we did not like with
the Velocity, like the entrance and the center stick. We then decided
to sell the project and build our own cross between the Cozy and the
Velocity. We started AeroCad in 1991 and have made kits for the
AeroCanard and Cozy aircraft ever sense. Somewhere in the 1993 time
I started teaching workshops at Sun-N-Fun and Oshkosh. I met Ron
Alexander who at that time own Alexander Aeroplane and ran a teaching
class that he ran around the country like a carny show. He contracted
my wife and I to start teaching and we did up to about 5 months ago.
Time flies when your having fun. I stopped teaching because I have
had all the traveling I want for a while unless it's for fun.

List of composites airplanes I have helped build or were for me.
Cozy 3
Velocity RG

I helped fix a torn off tail, rudder and stabilizer on a Tri-Q at
I think in 1995 or 1996. A RV3 did not stop when the Q in front
of him was flagged to stop. It took the hole week to repair that
airplane so he could fly home. He did fly home....

I am looking for a Tri-Q project so I can have cheaper 2 place
fun flying. I would first like to fly one to see the big difference
from the Canard Pusher flying. Looking for help on that one.

I am on this list because of that. Not trying to sell anyone anything
I will jump in as often as I can to help.

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