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Glad to see you're feeling better Jim.

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OK  OK  OK  Let me weigh in.

I started the QBA with a partner some 40 years ago. He finished but never flew his Q-1. I finished and flew mine and the FAA blessed it.
Here are a few things I believe:
The days of the Q1 and Q2 are over. They were nifty and attention grabbing aircraft. The QAC sold a pile of those kits but the majority of them were never finished or flown. I would bet against anybody who thinks he can resurrect that kit and make money doing it. I have a Masters degree in management and have actually managed and marketed aircraft parts. There is no longer a profitable market for this aircraft... but we live in the USA and can spend our money as we choose.
In 40 years of organizing and attending Q specific events there are only a few of these craft regularly flying. Can somebody find for me 100 that were finished and still flying?
My Q1 never did what I hoped it would. Lousy engine. Half or more Q2's had to change engines and gear. The cockpits are not comfy for 2. Baggage capacity is poor. Where are they all now? Yes there are a few builders who have persisted and enjoyed their planes but how many projects have been abandoned? Too many guys have lost big gobs of money. The time has passed. Some of our very successful builders are moving on to aluminum.
It would surprise the hell out of me if FLAP or anybody has a big fat handful of orders with deposit $$$ attached. Too many newbies out there like to flap their gums but won't put up any $$$. Remember this is 40 years talking. Builders-to- be are notoriously cheap.
Newbies should not be awash in the dream world but should carefully consider the available facts.

While I seem to be negative I am only trying to analyze 40 years of facts. Somebody prove me wrong.
They are beautiful, they are fast but their time has passed. Move on.


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