easy VGs

Edward MacLeod <ed@...>

Has anyone tried overhead projector sheet (Mylar?) for VG material?
I mounted them but have not flown with them yet, let me know if it is a bad idea.

They are very, very easy. You print the pattern on the sheet with your laser printer and cut them out with scissors.

I mounted one on my car hood to check out the aerodynamic flex and there was zero visible flex at 80 mph.

Once mounted, they are nearly invisible (accept for the shadow). Because they readily flex, they are more durable than the hard plastic I used before. They feel like feathers when you rub your hand accross them.

Coincidently I use an overhead projector pen to mark the ends of the VG positions on the canard. Just rinse with water and the marks wash away perfectly.

I would have tried out the new VGs, but the Post Office took three weeks to get my prop to the shop using Priority Mail. It arrived there today but the prop guru started his vacation today, and so it goes.

Happy flights,

Ed m

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