Re: What ever happened to the new Q2/Q200 kit


Gelinas You are correct. If a company wants to capture more of a shrinking market, cutting build
times will be the strategy.
Another point: Just like the dream of zipping around in your personally built craft is mostly in your head. your
fear of flight delam or poor glassing skills is mostly in your head. I worried too but there are plenty of
us who have learned the skills and will share knowledge... but they will not just walk into your front
door... YOU will have to walk into THEIR front door.
Fiberglass airplanes are not falling out of the sky like raindrops... unless built by a cocky moron
who avoids seeking help.


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Hi:  First time responding, but I've been lurking for a while.

I think one aspect is not a lack of interest, but far more accessibility to easier kits with more popular options.  Some kits are flight ready within close to 500 hours and have a more traditional look and feel.  People are more likely to complete a project that progresses quickly (how many partial Q builds have there been?).  There's also a sense of trusting pre-cut and punched aluminum over trusting the less 'digital' approach of hand-layed glass, and I imagine I'm not the only one.  My personal fear is in-flight delam, or over doping and making it too heavy:  Wood and metal are more predictable materials (especially considering my current glassing skills):  Riveting or bolting seem easier than doing a decent layup.

That said, the Q series is a wonderfully unique design, and I love the flexibility of design that composites give.  Where else could you get close to 100 mpg (original Quickie specs)?  I know the Q2 and Q200 lack those kind of numbers, but they fulfill a different mission.

I think the question is if a kit could cut build times down to 500-700 hours, would it increase interest?  As long as it meets the 51% rule, and qualifies for Sport pilots, it might.  If not, it may only be kept alive by the Build It From The Ground Up, Mostly Plan Driven crowd (such as those in this group).

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