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Rich Gillen

Your right in many people still having an interest in flying, but the Manufactures don't do there job in Designing, Making, and Marketing their Products, or even give Good Service to their Customers.
These two planes in question(Q1/Q2) were Designed to fit only 50% of the World Market. Like I said, Planes are for Hauling People & Bags! Even Burt Rutan didn't get it right till he designed the Long Eze, Front Seat was for a 6'-6" 350lbs Pilot, then at least 95% of the World Market would fit in it. Even most small Commerical made Aircraft were designed for a 5'-8" 160lb Pilot (Military Spec's for 18yr old Pilot), and most of them Planes are under powered with 60-100hp engines. Basically (2) 6'-6" 200lb guys can't fly in a C150 with a Full Fuel Tank for example. For actual cross country travel with bags and Full Fuel, a 2 seater is a one seater, a 4 seater is a two seater, for most people. The average weight of an American Male (18yrs - 25yrs) today is 185lbs. I was 6' 197lbs for football in 10th, 11th, 12th, grade. At 26 I was 205lbs.
But your correct, they need to make Kits that can be completed in less the 500hrs. People today have to many other distractions. They still face the Time needed, the Money needed, and the Space needed.
Even working at just (10hrs a week) a 500hr kit/10 = 50 weeks(1 year), (10hrs a week) 700hr kit/10 = 70 weeks(1.5 years), etc.
From the Plans Build Kit a 1500hr/10 = 150 weeks (3 years), 2000hr/10 = 200 weeks(4years), 2500hr/10 = 250 weeks (5 years), 3000hr/10 = 300 weeks (6 years), 3500hr/10 =350 weeks (7 years). Some of these Q1/Q2 Kits have been sitting in garages, shops, basements, some still in boxes, etc. for 25+ years.
Making the 51% Rule is not hard in any aircraft, your building, and assembling the kit from parts. You don't have to actually build 51% of the Parts. It's more like you have to assemble 51% of them pre-made parts to make a Complete Plane. A Q1/Q2 Airframe Kit would be many pre-made parts, that you would still assemble to make a complete Airframe, then you have to still install the Engine, Electronics, etc.
I don't think anyone has ever made a Q1/Q2 out of Aluminum. With a CNC Laser/Water Jet, you could cut out the parts for a complete Airframe fast.
Build Time, is very Important to People, as is the Total Cost.
Personally, I think a Kit should be no more than 250-300hrs to assemble, to sell well! For a Q1/Q2 that takes Molds.
Just My Opinion
Rich Gillen


Re: What ever happened to the new Q2/Q200 kit

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Hi: First time responding, but I've been lurking for a while.

I think one aspect is not a lack of interest, but far more accessibility to easier kits with more popular options. Some kits are flight ready within close to 500 hours and have a more traditional look and feel. People are more likely to complete a project that progresses quickly (how many partial Q builds have there been?). There's also a sense of trusting pre-cut and punched aluminum over trusting the less 'digital' approach of hand-layed glass, and I imagine I'm not the only one. My personal fear is in-flight delam, or over doping and making it too heavy: Wood and metal are more predictable materials (especially considering my current glassing skills): Riveting or bolting seem easier than doing a decent layup.

That said, the Q series is a wonderfully unique design, and I love the flexibility of design that composites give. Where else could you get close to 100 mpg (original Quickie specs)? I know the Q2 and Q200 lack those kind of numbers, but they fulfill a different mission.

I think the question is if a kit could cut build times down to 500-700 hours, would it increase interest? As long as it meets the 51% rule, and qualifies for Sport pilots, it might. If not, it may only be kept alive by the Build It From The Ground Up, Mostly Plan Driven crowd (such as those in this group).

Ex-owner 1966 Piper Cherokee C
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