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You sound like you are dreaming of Terrafuga's latest dream. Go here to see it in action:

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The last time I looked the world's population has just hit 8 billion. It's increasing isn't it. What is decreasing is the amount of people who want to build a special aircraft, and prefer one that is an off the shelf kit, which bolts together in 400 hours, does 80 miles to the gallon 2 up, and can land and take off safely from a small farm field, especially in UK, where successive administrations have allowed small business or public airfields to be put to housing. My TriQ is a beautiful aircraft but is not practical for everyday flying.There are so many more utility designs these days, and ones that I can fly from strips 15 miles away instead of 60 miles away. It's a real shame, but it's reality. 
 Richard Thomson

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