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Mike Dwyer

LOL, that was great!  Most of the airports here in Florida were also built because of Hitler! At least I have a Continental Engine from Michigan.
Mike Q200 N3QP

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Hi All,

Regarding flying from hard runways in the UK, as Richard says they are getting fewer with yet more of the few that are left under threat of houses and industrial estates.

There is only one new hard runway GA runway that I know of that was not built for the wars, that is Sywell and it took them over 15 years to get permission to use a shovel to start digging!!!

Years ago I realised that for flying a Q in England the places I flew from and to were only there becuase of Hitler, to prevent and reverse his expansionist plans, if it wasn't for Hitler...

That go me thinking and I was flying a VW Powered Q2 with an engine originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche at Hitler's request for the original Volkswaggon (Peoples car) Beetle so if it wasn't for Hitler....

Well at least the airframe has nothing to do with Hitler right?

Oh wait am minute, Burt Rutan came up with mouldless composite construction after watching a sailplane repair facility at Mojave. After the war the Germans had been prevented from flying powered aircraft so they focussed their attention on improving gliding flight and in an attempt to improve efficiency moved from wooden construction to composites to create their latest low drag and greater glide angle machines so so Damn & Darn it if it wasn't for Hitler....

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Each Country has it's own Rules for Airplanes & Pilots, and the amount of Airports where Q1/Q2 can fly out of. Here in the USA, (1) of the other 225 in the World, last I new, there was 7000+ Paved Airports, about 2000+ Grass Airports, and many private airstrips.
I do agree, People want a Fast Build Kit today, less than 500hrs to build. People have always wanted that. So WHY, isn't these Manufactures giving them that Option's? People, always want more HP, more Speed.
I believe the Q1 with a 22hp engine did like 110+mph, the Q200 with a 100hp engine does 160+mph. The Q1, has had everything from a 22hp Onan, to a Skidoo 583(97hp at 7750rpms). Nobody, really post the Speed Numbers with those many different engines used on these planes. You can adapt about any plane to Floats, Tundra Tires, for nice Grass Mowed fields. These both, have a high Stall Speed, so no rough tall grass type field landings. Some People, adapt to their environment, and land on a country road out front of their house if possible, and then just pull in their driveway to their hanger, not legal, but they live in remote area's.
For what you want, a T-Bird I&II, or Challenger, Titian, Kolb, and a few others, would meet your Spec's. Except, I doubt you will find many engines in the World that does "80 miles to the gallon". A Rotax 277(26hp) burns 2.0gph.
Sounds more like you want an Ultralight Type Aircraft, rather than a Performance, cross country Type Airplane.
What is the longest flight you have made in your TRI-Q? What Engine do you have on it? What is your Max Distance you can fly, with a full tank, and a reserve?
I don't know where in the UK you live, so I just used Derby, UK as the center. It looks like in 2hrs at just 100mph, you can go about anywhere in your country(UK), and even some near by countries, 3hrs get's you into many other Countries in Europe. Map attached.


Re: What ever happened to the new Q2/Q200 kit

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The last time I looked the world's population has just hit 8 billion. It's increasing isn't it. What is decreasing is the amount of people who want to build a special aircraft, and prefer one that is an off the shelf kit, which bolts together in 400 hours, does 80 miles to the gallon 2 up, and can land and take off safely from a small farm field, especially in UK, where successive administrations have allowed small business or public airfields to be put to housing. My TriQ is a beautiful aircraft but is not practical for everyday flying.There are so many more utility designs these days, and ones that I can fly from strips 15 miles away instead of 60 miles away. It's a real shame, but it's reality.
Richard Thomson

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