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This weekend, I was once again reminded why I hate working with Unidirectional cloth, but at least my longerons are now complete. Now on to framing, reinforcing and closing out the cockpit door surrounds. See the picture of my non-standard cabin (attached). The top of the blue tape is WL15.

Getting close to the point where I invite Kevin B out to Colorado for a few weeks to help me sand some filler! Anyone else will also be welcome to participate.

By the way, if you are concerned about the mechanical integrity of the overhead structure. I can sit on it with my full weight and it does not flex. I lifted the fuselage by it using my overhead hoist with no distress.

In the upper right, aft of my seat back bulkhead, is my Patillo-style cabin air exit vent.

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q still building

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