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Where did you find it for $700? I am assuming we are talking about the ADS600-EXP. On the Navworx site the unit itself is $1149.00. Then you have to add at a minimum the TransMonSPE option unless you already happen to have one of the few new transponders that will interface with the ADS-B unit. With that, the GPS and UAT antennas the setup prices out at more than $1500.

I have been watching this for a while as I have one experimental and one certificated plane to equip. It looks like I will be doing something different for each as the experimental may have lower cost options. I am waiting for a couple more years to see what happens. I am curious to see if Google and others will follow through on their claims of bringing a less expensive stand alone option to market.

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That is the winner at $700.  Uses your existing (old) transponder, weighs a pound.  Looks like you need to install a GPS antenna and a transponder type antenna.   It outputs a wifi signal to your tablet to display the traffic.  I use an Android tablet with AVARE software.  AVARE is free Android software for navigation, flight planning, has airport facility directories, IFR charts...  Really, it's free but most people make a donation to the developers.  

Now will it drop in price as we approach 2020?  I'm going to hold out a bit.  Thanks Jerry for the info.
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