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One problem with the ADS system, there are still planes with no electrical system or a failed transponder. Too much reliance on the system will get you killed due to a mid air.


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It seems that most of the avionics manufacturers have been introducing their latest ADS-B offerings with promised low pricing to get interest in the market. Then the price magically goes up quite a bit when the product actually makes it to market. Right now $1500 isn't too bad for an ADS-B setup provided you can install it yourself and have a place to mount it. When it comes time for me to equip the Q-1 it may be a challenge to find a mounting location. Experimental owners have it a bit easier than certificated. Right now it looks like it could cost me close to $6000 to equip my Grumman Yankee.

Experimental aircraft should probably wait to see what the market brings closer to 2020 since they can be self-installed. I am waiting on both myself to see if any of the all-in-one transponder solutions get more reasonably priced.


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Price started at 699 then went to 799, and I just saw 869, Now up to $1049 as of 5/7/2015, $1149 as of 9-3-2015.

I think I'll wait to 2020.

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