Re: Recommended Epoxy System?

Rick Hole

In 1985 Scott would have been using Safety-poxy.  I will see him at work tomorrow and will ask him.

Rick Hole


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Thanks guys for the lively discussion on epoxies. I am learning a lot.

Thanks to Charlie for posting the E-Z poxy data. My plane is essentially complete and 95% of it is E-Z Poxy or Safe-T-Poxy. All of the layups were room temperature cured. Wing and canard were the first things I built and have 30+ years of post-cure time with temps that often exceeded 90-100F in the garage or storage. I remember from my old dynamics of materials training that time and temperature are capable of accomplishing the chemical kinetics, but I think the temp is exponentially more effective. Maybe someone with beaucoup experience with that could expand on that point. I did not post-cure the canard or wing other than storing them. They were always supported and blocked to maintain the original geometry. My canard has the carbon spar and bears no weight when on the ground because I have the Tri-Q geometry, so later distortion should not be significant, unless it is very hot when I take off. I am not sure what epoxy was used to build the main gear hoop (Scott Swing built in 1985), but maybe someone knows. It may be west system judging from the color. I am sure there must have been a major exotherm with something that thick, so maybe it was effectively thermally post-cured just with the exotherm. Any thoughts on that?


Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building

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