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Jeff Sellars

Tonight I lay in my bed about 150 miles away from you guys and I can't sleep. I'm imagining how cool all those Quickies probably look lined up like Alien space craft.
I'm flying there Tomorrow, Saturday in my Cessna 172 to see it for myself and meet all of you cool people who choose to own one of the coolest planes That has ever flown.
Hopefully I can gain some good I site to help me get my Q-2 back in the air.
Sleep well everyone and see you all tomorrow.

Jeff Sellars

On Sep 25, 2015, 10:46:37 PM, Dave Dugas davedq2@... [Q-LIST] wrote:

To All Who Aren't Here, and All Who Aren't Here Yet,
Today at approximately 6 PM, was the last arrival of the day, bringing the total number of aircraft that flew to the FOD to seven. There are two Q200s, one TriQ200, two Revmaster powered Q2s, a CozyIII, and a Bonanza that have landed.
A group of about 24 people gathered at Herrick's Tavern at 7PM to meet and have dinner.
All arrived on schedule and without any problems. Tomorrow's weather forecast is for great flying conditions to continue into Sunday.
Flying or driving tomorrow, be safe and stay in touch. Thanks to all who are here, and to those who are coming tomorrow.
Dave D (413)772-9165

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