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Well that's nice to hear Richard, that there going to be reproduced, and maybe even upgraded. Is there any plans to maybe Scale up the Q1/Quickie to fit more People in the World, maybe even allow for more Engines to be used?
Burt Rutan, finally got it right, with the Long Ez, he designed it for a 6'-6" - 350lb Pilot, then 95% of the World would fit in it, not 35% like most Kitplanes are designed for. Planes are for hauling People, and Bags/Luggage, from Point A to Point B, not make circles around the Airport. Carry enough Fuel for 3.0 - 3.5hrs of Flight, with a :30-:45 Reserve.
Just about all of the Rotax 2 Strokes, or there equalivent Size/Weight have been put on a Q1/Quickie, 377F, 447F, 503F, and a 583 Water Cooled, that I know of. Never seen, or heard of a Rotax 277F(26hp) being put on one, but it should work also. All of the Kawasaki 340/400/440/500/550, 2 Strokes should fit. All the Hirth 2 Strokes should fit.
Many of these old Rotax's, and many other Brands of 2 Strokes Engines used on Sleds, can be rebuilt today, to make even more HP. It takes 7cc to make 1hp at 6500rpms. So even an old Rotax 185UL, rated 9.4hp at  5000rpms, 185cc/7cc = 26.4hp at 6500rpms is possible today. Many of these old 2 Stroke motor's didn't use Tuned Pipes, and they used low compression 7.0cr - 9.6cr. A 2, or 3 Stage Tuned Pipe can add 25% more Power. Porting, and Polishing, a 2 Stroke can add 10% more HP. On a Stock Skidoo 377/380(36hp) with a 9.6cr, at 7000rpms, upgraded to a 380HO(48hp) with a 11.2cr bump at 7000rpms, made a 12hp Increase. With a newer 2-3 Stage Tuned Pipe for the 380HO, it made 57.26hp at 7000rpms on the Dyno. At 6500rpms it still made 52/53hp from 368.4cc.
Notice, (377/380) 368cc/7cc = 52.5hp. That was with just a Compression Bump 9.6cr to 11.2cr, and with a better Tuned Pipe designed for it!
Rotax Rick's, 670's is Dyno rated at 92hp at 6400rpms with just his Tuned Pipe, with NO Flat Spots. 669cc/7cc = 95.5hp is possible at 6500rpms. 670s, as do all water cooled Rotax's, use a 11.5cr stock.
Simonini, has a 44hp/48hp/54hp 2 Stroke Singles out today for Airplanes. They are Water Cooled with a Belt Drive.
The 1/2 VW's, 042/084's, Subaru's EA71/81/82's, are popular with the 4 Stroke crowd. There are some other small 4 Strokes that may fit.


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We will be offering a complete metal package kit for the Q1 and Q2 but it will not be available till the first week of February. We are still in the process of getting the fab and machine shop up and going. We are also in the process of selling off all projects we own as a company that are not Q's or Dragonfly's so we can make space to start kit production at our home field. Jim don't worry we are not planning to try and make a living on building kits it will be just a fraction of what we do. Our main source of work comes from aircraft restoration services and we build custom race engines. The machine shop continues to grow and diversify.

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