Re: Q1 wheels and brake system options

Terry Crouch

The stock Quickie brakes are very poor at best. With the large tire and wheel option they added a single lever to gain some mechanical advantage, they got a little better.
  When I built my Quickie the flat steel bar that rubs on the tire was replaced with a larger one that fits the contour of the tire so the surface area rubbing on the tires is many times larger.
  My brakes are adequate, if it is raining I won't be doing any fast stops.
     Terry Crouch
     Quickie N14TC

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Dear Quickheads,

I'm finishing up a mostly-complete Q1 project (actually Marc Zeitlin
is doing most of the work) and am interested in the group's opinions
on the suitability of the Q1 plans brake system. It seems a bit
dubious, but does it tend to work well enough in practice? Has anyone
fitted a hydraulic system or any other variant? Do larger wheels ever
make sense?

Henry Hallam
VariEze N27GM OAK
Quick-E N??? TSP

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