Q2 available for parts

Rick Hole

Located a Velocity, Sebastian, FL airport X26:

Q2 parts for sale.  Aircraft partially built and owner has died.  Aircraft left outside in the sun with no primer and is no longer considered airworthy.

Entire project for sale as is, where is. (No engine, propeller, or instruments)

Canopy with fiberglass housing is in excellent condition.

Cowling for Revmaster in un-mounted and exceptional condition

Wheels and brakes never used

Some steel/aluminum hardware included including tail wheel/strut

Aircraft is mounted on a trailer ready to pull away (not sure of the tires)

Come get it all (including trailer) for $200.00

Contact Duane Swing at duane@...  (772) 633-8461


I have some photos of this project, contact me off list  Duane has described it accurately.

Rick Hole

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