Re: Tri-Q finish weight and balance estimate [1 Attachment]

Jay Scheevel

Thanks Paul,

Good point about the canopy :-) My canopy has two doors and an overhead support beam, so will take some paint in that general vicinity. I intentionally let the rest of the calculation slide since it came out to be that the overall paint cg was quite near the canopy anyway.  I will clip out the glass area in the model and see if it makes a difference (easy to do).  I am being careful about the cg in advance rather than adjusting via battery placement, since I will not be using heavy lead-acid batteries. I will use the Aerovolt Fe-Li batteries which only weigh a few pounds. I would like to keep all that high-current stuff near to or on the firewall, and it looks like I will be able to do that. If not, Bruce knows how to install lead in the tail and I will ask him for advice :-) Got my fingers crossed that I will come in near 650 pounds empty weight and close to where I want to be on empty cg. Looks doable right now.


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