Re: Tri-Q finish weight and balance estimate

Martin Skiby


Nice job on getting close.  I don't know if you remember me but you loaned me your incidence tool for the main wing and I bought your extra nose gear.  Anyway we completed (finally) the project and it flew a few weeks ago.  The CG ended up at 39.6 inches and with all in our weight was 725lbs for the TriQ200.  The CG worked out with my son at 190 to just be at the forward end of the range when he flew it and it went very well.  I will attach a spreadsheet that I did for the TriQ200 that may assist in some calculations.

My son did the standard taxi tests at increasing speeds and after about 4 of them pulled it off and flew like a champ.  Only needed some additional trim on the ailerons so it would quit turning left with him in the seat.

Also the incidence we set seems to be nearly perfect but I wish I would have raised the back of the wing just a bit more for a little less incidence in the main wing.  We are running the reflexer jsut about 1/8 inch up to trim the elevators to perfect.  She is doing passes at 205 indicated with no wheel pants.  I will post some photos also.

Please let me know if I can help in any way to get you in the air.

Martin Skiby

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