Re: Tri-Q finish weight and balance estimate

Jay Scheevel

Hi Martin,

Yes, I remember you using the tool, and also you may remember that I made a quick stop to see it after you had installed the new wing when I was in Bakersfield for work. You bought me a nice lunch at the diner near the field. Thanks for that.

I have the spreadsheet from your wing/canard measurements and it shows that you are flying at about minus 0.5 degrees decalage, which is just shy of the minus 1 decalage in the original Q-200 (N81QA). The majority of the Tri-Q's have a more negative decalage (meaning any combination of MW trailing edge higher or Canard leading edge higher). That is apparently where you would have preferred based on your comment that you would like to lose the need for reflexor.  I think you are in a nice place for flight if you are seeing airspeeds that high with no wheel pants. The plane looks really fast, so I am sure that helps :-) I hope to be joining you in the air in 2016. Congratulations to you and your son for a job well done.


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