Re: New Front Gear Design for Tri Q

Jay Scheevel

The modified, beefed up, nose gear was manufactured in small batches by Scott Swing using the Velocity Aircraft design, somewhat modified to fit the geometry of the Tri-Q original gear geometry. I think that Richard (FLAPS) is geared up (pun intended) to manufacture essentially the same design. There is a link to that item on the site. I don't think that Scott is interested in making any more of these gear, especially since Richard wants to do that. If you choose to use the new (old version) of nose gear that you got from me, be sure to beef it up with the recommended stainless steel strap that is shown in the Tri-Q literature (also available on the site).

I also think that Richard or Sam Hoskins can give you all the info you need to set up an SARL race. Would be great to have one on the west coast.


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