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<< Hi Dave,
If you have a PPG paint dealer in town get some DX330 Solvent, it'll
remove silicone based chemicals and won't have any effect on the foam
core. Use two clean rags, one to apply small amounts of DX330 and one to
wipe the area clean and be sure to remove all the '330, if you don't it
can cause similar problems. If it is real deep in the micro, I'd sand all
the affected area and start over with micro filler.
Bud Starnes
I don't know about your DX 330 but I just tried a bit of foam in the gal.
I just bought last Saturday and it does defiantly affect both the blue and
orange foam. It doesn't melt instantly like it does in reducer but it was
noticeably softer in less than 30 sec.
I'd stick with the soap and water. DX 330 will probably cost him more
than $20/gal without my discount.

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