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Rick Hole

You might pole the group for others interested in your cowling.  It is not difficult to make a mold so duplicates could be produced easily.  I work at Velocity where we do the same types of things (the twin engine version has become quite a busy enterprise for us).  We would likely add one layer of 7 oz. BID fiberglass as it gives a nice surface and makes it easy to see that all is wetted-out.  But you are past that stage.  Making a mold would be done after you have a smooth surface with micro-balloon slurry, primed, and a release agent coated.  


Should you decide to do it, contact me off-line for more info.


Rick Hole


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Thought I'd share my newest project - a carbon fiber cowling. The motivation came from looking at some of Sam's handiwork online.

I bought and installed an 8 inch prop extension. I wrapped the engine/firewall/nose gear in Saran wrap, made a dam out of cardboard in the rough shape I wanted my cowl, and dumped in 2 gallons of 2lb expanding foam. It wasn't enough because my dammed area was much too wasteful so I bought 5 more gallons. While making the cheeks for the cylinder heads, I figured out Christmas wrapping paper worked much better for foam dams than cardboard. I tried all types of tools to shape the hardened foam and settled on an 8 inch kitchen knife (sorry Sam, the saws-all was too wicked for me). When I got it the shape I wanted, I wrapped the whole thing with another layer of Saran wrap. I layed a couple layers of 11lb carbon fiber cloth over the saran wrap and am currently waiting on it to dry. I'll (hopefully) peel the carbor fiber off of my foam mold when it dries - giving me the shell for my new cowling.


Back to shoveling snow, we got a pretty good coating of the stuff in this area. 




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