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Good morning Jay
   Hope it's flying soon. 
     I have the same system on my Q2 Subaru. XPRESSO. Gasolator  is on lower right corner firewall with a Subaru liquid cooled engine and Radiator is outside of he cowling I can drain fuel out and stays cool likely because liquid cooled engine. I also had one on my Dragonfly and had cool air piped into it with a shroud that was around outside, it also worked good 

Sincerely.  Reg Clarke

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Thanks everyone for your input. Very much appreciated.

I concede to the weight argument and the possibility of vapor lock, but I do not see the gascolator as complexity issue, because it is essentially just a wide spot in the line. If I decide to keep it, I will (and always intended to) put both a heat shield and cool air blast tube to it, so if vapor lock is the issue, then it will mitigated. Right now I have no way other than the gascolator to drain water from the header tank. I guess I could put another line out the sump of the header going out the belly. That may be a good idea. I already have a sump drain for the main tank in the belly and I could position the header one next to it.

On the vapor lock issue, keep in mind that the majority of engine heat is removed by the 2 radiators (liquid cooling on my engine) and those have their own separate ducting isolated from the airflow under the cowling. Also, the exhaust pipes will be powder coated and heat-wrapped to further limit the heat from them.


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