Greetings All,

Just a plug for Jeff Russell. I'm still using EZpoxy as I've got one of
those gee whiz epoxy pumps that works with that and it's great in humid
areas. Wick's and AS quit selling EZpoxy so I came across AeroCad's website
listing EZpoxy for sale. They said to send them my address and they'd get me
a good quote. I E'ed in my address and the next day I got a reply saying a
gallon kit was in the mail and please send "x" $$. Not too many places left
that do business like that. Thanks Jeff!

Mike Brown

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<< BTW...
> anyone flying a Tri-Q or Q-200 close to the Ft. Pierce, Fl. I would
> love to trade rides in our AeroCanard for one in yours. My friend
> Scott Swing says that their the best flying machine he has been in.
> I would like to find this out myself.
> thanks
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