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The problem with yaw issues etc is that the evidence is all anecdotal, as we say in medicine. Nobody has carefully
determined that something else on the aircraft isn't screwed up. Press on. It's all education and recreation (tho I would
prefer to fly sooner rather than later by not jacking around with unusual mods... but it ain't MY life)


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I know this won't be making friends but...

It looks flimsy- when the engine is running it looks like the airstream will tear it apart.
It weighs more than the per plans canopy.
It blocks your view compared to the plans canopy.
It took hundreds of hours extra to design and build.
it is unproven in flight.

If I remember correctly there is a Q200 at the Lakeland FL EAA Air museum that tried a taller canopy.  I don't think he liked how the plane flew and donated it to the museum.  I think the airflow was messed up and he had Yaw issues.  You may want to investigate that.  A taller Vertical fin might be in order for your mods?  I might have a picture of that Q200 somewhere if you want it.

Mike N3QP Q200

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I have attached my pilot's side door and hardware to the airframe and made a video to demonstrate function. The two swing over arms on the top side have bearings on both ends. The smaller outer arm has rod-ends on both ends. The bottom of the door has a 4-ply laid up "U-channel" that slips over the lower part of the longeron/door-frame portion to keep the door from moving inboard or outboard when closed. The curve of this channel also limits movement fore and aft when clamped shut. There is a groove in the outside-top of the center console that smoothly merges into two similar grooves in the fuselage frame. Outer door fram will cover this groove and fit flush against the fuselage when closed. This continuous groove along the top and two sides of the fuselage opening is a moisture gutter to keep water from draining into the cockpit when the doors open and will also serve as a seat for the foam seal that is fitted to the underside of the door frame.

I will do a bit more trimming, then lay up the outer door frame directly on the fuselage surround in order to finish each door. So far, so good. When I climb in and close the door, you can see how the 2" of extra headroom plays out. I am 6' 1".

Here is a link to the video I made.

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building.

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