Uneven Elevators

Tommy Castleman

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of the replies on my last post (Q1 w/ Kawasaki 340). I was wrong about the engine type, though. It is a Kawasaki 440 that was built by AED. There's more information on my specific airplane if you look up the tail number on the internet (N4WH). I learned a lot.

I'm hoping this is something easy that an A&P mechanic would know how to fix, but I noticed that one elevator is not aligned with the other one. I suspect that something may have happened in the decade or so that it was sitting in garages.

I looked on the Q1 plans. I found useful information on how to install elevators, but I could not find anything about how to fix an uneven alignment. The port elevator is somewhere between 1/8-1/4 inches "up" when the starboard elevator is flush with the wheel pant. Has anyone had this issue before?



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