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Paul Poulsen

I am guessing that the boards are 2 x 4ish with the metal knife edge screwed onto the top boards. Is the whole shebang bolted together or do you have the top boards just sitting on the cross boards?
Sorry if this is DDDDaaaarrr question.
Keep up the great work

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Re: Static Balanced My Prop by "Jerry Marstall"



Re: Static Balanced My Prop

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"Jerry Marstall"

Great. Thanks Mike. Can't wait to see how the dynamic balancer is going
to work. Jerry M.

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> Hi All,
> I had the prop off for annual and started balancing it. Then I realized
> that maybe someone doesn't know how to do this so I made a video! My
> balance jig is pretty simple but seems to work well. I use the same jig to
> balance my tires!
> Anyway, take a look and if you got an easier way, let me know.
> Also I bought a $1, 3-axis accelerometer from the Chinese (gota love em)
> and am starting to work on a Dynamic balancer, but mine will be permanently
> in the plane so I will be able to monitor any unusual vibration. At least
> that's the plan.
> See my video below:
> Mike Dwyer N3QP Q200
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