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Larry Severson

In the few cases that I have been involved with, 6 lbs seems a bit low, 4 lbs definitely low.


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This is a horrible horrible mod.  14 lbs!  The factory design is probably 4 pounds.  Visibility out that 4" thick frame must really suck.  How many years did it take to redesign it?  Years of your life you could have spent flying.  I bet it took longer for you to build that canopy than it took for my entire airplane (1.5 years).  This is a problem with many home builders, they want to add the kitchen sink, take 20 years to do it, then the thing flys like a brick.  Stick to the plans and get it done!


Sorry to be so blunt but this is past crazy!  I got money that says he never flys it.  Anybody want to bet me that Jay is flying in 5 years (cause I can't collect on never)?


Mike N3QP Q200




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I have nearly finished the cabin doors, adding external frames, seals and I stiffened and strengthened the whole assembly. Also added forward stops/rests.

The doors now fit and seal and operate smoothly in addition to being secure in the forward/open position, so should not be adversely affected by the propwash on the ground or taxiing. Here is a video of operation.

Still have a few more plies to reinforce and close out the interior of the door, but this video is pretty much the finished product. Both doors, plus all hardware weigh a total of 14 pounds.



Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q N8WQ, still building

Here is a video:




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