Provo trip

Paul Spackman

A friend was in need of a Ride from Casper to Provo, UT this morning so it was a great opportunity to get the Q2 out and burn off a little gas, 22 gallons total.  What a great day for flying clear and cool this morning.  We left KCPR at 6:30 MDT this morning fly at 6500 ft, 1000 feet off the deck until rising terrain forced us higher. The trip across the Red Desert is open uninhabited high desert with only an occasional oil well pad.  It would be a long walk to find help if something were to happen.  The green is mostly gone now but still grass enough to support the scattered wild horses and a sprinkling of cows.  

We crossed over just two airports on the way to Provo, Bridger, WY and Heber City Utah.  The only thing we saw flying was a hot air balloon over Heber City and after that pulled the power back for the glide down thru Provo Canyon  from 10,500 to 5,000 at Provo. 

On the way back I flew up to Bridger at 11,500 and then followed I-80 over to Rawlins, WY and then direct to Casper.  Total flight time 4.3 hrs, 22 gal fuel and right at 630 nautical miles.  Nice little trip by airQ the trip by car would have been about 17 hours and burned about 43 gallons of fuel.

Paul Spackman

Q2 Jabiru 3300

PS Still building, get it done and have some fun.  Not pointing any fingers Jay, just saying ;)

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