Re: Oshkosh 2016

Jay Scheevel

Reg was there too?? Man you guys are making me feel bad. What a great turnout at OSH! Wish I had been there. I will shoot for next year. Not sure if I can make field of dreams this year. Ca$hflow is a very tough for me this year with the multiyear slump in oil prices.

Had a nice visit to my shop from Charlie and Bob Johnson on their way back home from OSH. I kept them longer than I should have, since they still had to make it over to a campground in Utah before dark. Sorry Charlie if you had to set camp in the dark!. I appreciated the visit and having them look over my project. Did not realize that Bob is also an EAA tech counselor. He told me he would write up a report and send to me. I gave him a copy of my current wiring diagram for homework. Thanks Bob. Always good to connect with old tandem-wing friends, wherever that may be.

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building

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