Re: Service Ceiling

Jay Scheevel

I am installing a Jabiru J3300, significantly modified, with upgrades from Rotec Aerosport and CAMIT (both in Australia).

There are a number of slightly used J3300's that are available now and may be quite reasonably priced, since quite a few Jab owners have chosen to replace theirs with the CAMIT 3300.

The CAMIT is a bolt-on replacement for the Jab, and is pretty much the same engine with the exception that it has some rigorously engineered and tested changes to the Jab components addressing most if not all of the identified shortcomings of the Jab that have proven unreliable under hard use. CAMIT has always had joint ownership of the Jab design and used to be the sole supplier of parts and completed engines before they (Jabiru) decided to outsource to cheaper suppliers. CAMIT decided to go out on their own and offer complete engines featuring their upgraded version of the Jab design. They control all sourcing, manufacturing and testing in-house. According to all I have heard from (in addition to personal experience), CAMIT has brilliant customer service and have I have not heard a peep about any problems with their engines. I hear some have more than 1000 hours on them now in South Africa with no problems.

That said, properly cared for Jabiru's have also proven very reliable, if you stay on top of the care and feeding and maintenance checks and make sure your cooling is adequate. You may be able to find a bargain on a used Jab if you look around. They are capable of producing 105 HP at 85% power, (@2750 rpm ~5000 ft density altitude) and are significantly lighter than the O-200.

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building

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