Re: Service ceiling

Jay Scheevel

I can tell you that most will confirm that those curves are close for currently flying aircraft except Sam Hoskins' and maybe Reg Clarke's.

Reg is running a turbocharged Subaru engine and is probably getting north of 130 HP. He can confirm, but I think this is accurate.

Sam has so much reduced his drag and tweaked his O-200 engine and prop to the point that his performance curve lies very much above what I sent you. He averaged 216+ MPH on the Airventure cup this year and I would guess his WOT RPM when racing is close to 3100 giving him maybe 120 HP, but this is a closely guarded secret, I'm sure ;-)

My chart is based on modeling that was calibrated directly to rigorous flight test data for the Q-200 prototype N81QA (had a stock O-200 engine) based on Tom Huffman's flight tests of N81QA performed in 1984.

If you want more info on my modeling, you can go to:


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