Re: Convert from Tri Gear back to tail wheel

Mike Dwyer

Dear Mskiby,  I address you as that because all I know of you is your email address.
I've used the standard small wheels that came with the Q kit for 30 years.  The wheels are likely still available from people on this list.  The standard ChenShin tires are poor.  They are often not round and I had some black ones that got really bad cracks on the sidewalls.  The Lamb tires from Aircraft Spruce are not as tall so you need to plan for that in Axle placement.  After some time the Canard bows and causes wear on the inside of the tires due to the wheel no longer being vertical.  Do the wheel alignment at full gross.  A little toe in is in order.  Balance the tires.

The brakes.  Again I've been using the Airhart Hurst that came with the kit.  The pads last a real long time.  I believe I have the Larue (sp) setup and it works ok.  The wheel cyls tend to leak a bit so maybe a nice hone with new o-rings would be in order.  I feel that toe brakes might be too touchy for the tail dragger.  I still use the original left hand pull lever that goes to each wheel so I don't have differential brakes.  If I did it again I'd use the pull handle on the left side with two master cylinders, that could be rotated to apply slight differential brakes.  I feel also that the toe brakes being down the bottom of the tunnel would be a horrible bitch to work on.  I don't ever want to be upside down in there!

The tail wheel spring.  The original is 2x too small of a diameter.  Then when you build it up it will no longer fit in the original tail wheel metal fitting.  So I welded a bigger metal tube that accepts the bigger spring.  

Tail wheel pivot bolt.  The original tail wheel pivots on a AN3 bolt.  I bend that bolt every year.  I bought a bag of them.  If I had it to do again I'd use a AN4 there.

Tail wheel tire.  The original plans one was hard rubber.  It worked but didn't grip particularly well and made a ton of noise on the ground roll.  AS sells a larger softer one that works well.

Fly Safe,
Mike Q200 N3QP

On Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 10:40 PM, mskiby@... [Q-LIST] <Q-LIST@...> wrote:

Ok group.  I have a Tri Q 200 that my son and I just got flying again.  It was built by my father in law as a tail dragged and I converted to Tri gear in the 90's.  My son has a passion for the tail whelk Q200 so asked me about putting it back that way.  So NO I did not straighten the canard when I did the Tri gear so we should be able to build the structure at the end of the canard and re-insert the tail wheel.  Sounds easy right?   So my question for the group is what are the best wheel and brake set up to use?  We have toe brakes now with Matco great but I assume with the Gall alignment we need to use something else.  I would very much appreciate some guidance here on wheels, brakes, tail wheel springs etc..

Much appreciated folks.

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