Re: Convert from Tri Gear back to tail wheel

Martin Skiby

May be sage advise, but ours was originally built as a tail wheel plane and I converted.  I feel that the design in solid in both configurations and our plane actually was 3rd in the CAFE 400 in 1983 I believe that was the year. First year out of the shop.  There were a few issues with the original owner and the tail wheel so when i took it over it was with the agreement that I convert it to tri gear.  Has been a great plane and I flew the heck out of it for years.  Sold in 1996, hanger door fell on it in FL, bought the wreckage back from a guy in Boston in 2006.  Replaced the main wing and tail section and flying again.

So we are also building a complete new tail wheel plane, however we are now looking at just converting the one we have flying to save some time as my son has little patience and wants to fly the heck out of the plane.  Working also on three other projects.

I am getting some good responses from the group, but will consider your thoughts as well.

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