Re: Convert from Tri Gear back to tail wheel

Jay Scheevel

Hi Martin,

I would suggest that you make a quick trip up to Livermore to talk to Bob Farnum, and if the timing is right for Jim Patillo to be there, you should talk to him also. They have all the details worked out on the hardware and could advise you. I think I have an original set of the Airhart brakes, but I can't guarantee that. I will look.

Also, I would ask Bob if Jim Hamm still has his Q-200 dragger for sale. That airplane is virtually finished needing only primer and paint. It would be a quality option, and is virtually identical to Bob Farnum's, since they built them in tandem. I would suggest that, then he would have the option of flying either one.

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building

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