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Martin Skiby

Thank you for the reminder Sam, I was answering some questions on speed and prop configurations for the thread. Sorry it got off base.

I look forward to meeting you in person some time. You have done quite a bit for the group and my son is wildly excited about the Q200 because of your work.

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Q Guys & Gals

Just a mention here, because it's been getting a bit unwieldy lately.

If you are changing the subject or diverting from the original intent of the first post in a thread, please start a new thread. There has been about 6,000 posts with "Tri-Q: Main Gear down force" in the subject line and the discussions have been all over the place. This makes it very difficult for people to research threads and is confusing. Remember we have over 900 members on this list.

If you want to start a thread simply open a fresh email and address it to:


Thank you and I'll end my rant now.

One of many moderators on this thread.

P.S. Here are the general guidelines.

General Posting Guidelines: Do not attack or threaten others on the list. Avoid politics and religion unless directly related to aviation. Show courtesy to your neighbors and to those from overseas. Social networking on Q-List is OK as long as Quickie Aircraft are at the heart of it.

For clarity on the list:
1) Sign your E-mails. Add relevant information about your aircraft type or your experience to your signature.
2) State your topic clearly on the subject line. Start a fresh thread when the topic changes.
3) Copy only the recent and relevant parts of the previous message(s).
4) Keep personal posts off the list. Reply directly to the posting person unless everyone on the list can benefit. (There is a "Reply to sender" option at the bottom of each E-mail.)
5) Warn others of long posts, either in the subject line or the beginning of the message body.

Some guidelines about Yahoo groups:
1) Do not send administrative messages (such as "remove me from the list") through the list. Use the web to change your settings, or check the options at the bottom of each E-mail.
2) You cannot send attachments to an E-mail. To show photos, drawings and other files upload them to Q-List on Yahoo Groups, then post a message to the group describing the file.

3) Post messages as plain text, not html.

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