Re: Fast TriQ

Martin Skiby

Jim, yes my wife flew a very fast Vari-Eze in several races over the years. She won the Copperstate Dash three years in a row with the last one she ran at 245kts. She also won the sun 100 race that year in the 0320 class. By several minutes! The TriQ200 we have was originally built at a standard Q200 and took third in and Cafe 400 in 83 I believe. It weighed in at 610 lbs when built and still only touched 725 with the Tri gear and repair from being crushed.

My son is now out of the Navy, received his A/P and is following what his Grandfather and I were doing. We could not be more proud.

We absolutely will get up to see you or maybe you can get the guys to fly down to MIT for a run.

The motor is a little pumped yes but not overly done. We just try to clean things up as much as possible.

Hope to see you very soon. Did you see the videos of his speeds on the site? That's what they are.


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