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Rick Hole

Hi Vic, welcome to Q-List Good to hear of you again

Rick Hole


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Victor, if you decide you want the 2100d I have one sitting in my garage I'll make you a deal on. It was on my triq but I'm upgrading because I live in Colorado. Also have the prop that goes with it. / Ryan



Thanks guys. You've convinced me that upgrading the engine is a must. It's not that much more work since the engine needs overhauling anyway. 


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It depends on how the engine was built but typically the 1835 is between 55 and 60hp at 3000rpm. The Q will fly with it but will require a much longer takeoff run and the plane needs to be light, under 650lbs empty weight. It is worth the cost to make the upgrade to get the engine into the 2180 range giving about 75hp for your safety. 10hp is a night and day difference, and you will not regret it.



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