Noisy Wheels/Brakes and weight and balance

Martin Skiby

Good morning group.  My son and I have acquired a Q200 with conventional gear that we are working on.  One of the things that caught me off guard was the amount of noise we are getting now that the brakes are installed.  The wheels and tires are not contacting anything (though it is very tight in the wheel area) but after the install of the brake cylinders man they make a noise.  Now some of that will go away I am sure with normal wear as everything is pretty tight here.  My question is, is this normal to have noise from the wheels with a new set up?

I also have some questions on weight and balance as I see so many variations on the L calculation on the Q2.200.

We are using 14" forward of firewall as the Datum line as in the plans.  That puts the wheels at 38.25 inches as the main weigh points.  From that line I am 172.75 inches to the tail wheel, however I am seeing many calculations using 210+ inches which would be from the Datum line not the forward weighing point that is shown in many other manuals.

So two questions sorry.

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