Re: Noisy Wheels/Brakes and weight and balance

Martin Skiby

Jim you are correct.  This was Mark's Q200 and what a nice plane it is.  It was outside and inside at Truckee and actually shows little signs of weather at all.  Even the canopy cleaned up very nicely.  Yes we have tap tested the wings very well and are confident that they are good.  Yes I was able to meet with Mark and get the fuel injected motor and systems.

We are doing quite a bit of checking and safety oversight on the plane and so far we have been very pleased.  Mark did an awesome job on this plane and I just could not stand to see it sitting on the ramp up there.  There is a long story of what we had to do to convince the airport to let us acquire it, and we even got Mark to say OK after we talked and he was convinced we knew a few things about the Q2.

I increased the size of the battery considerably and it appears that the RV lure may get to stay in the tackle box!!! 

Thanks for reaching out and sorry I could not take you call last evening.  I will call you today.

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