Re: lowering landing speed

Jay Scheevel

You can search "Waddelow Canard" and get the information relevant to Bruce's wing.  Imraan also has the extended Waddelow Canard (and wing), but he is still most comfortable landing up near 90 MPH. The way to get lower landing speeds is to have a plane that is designed for that (re: Phil's snarky response).

Canard designs will always land (and take off) faster because of the inability to fully stall all of the wing area. In fact, on the Q-2, even the canard does not fully stall, it just reaches a point where it loses the battle of pitch authority to the main wing causing the aircraft to pitch down (pitch buck). So in order to get the full benefit of lots of induced drag from all of the wing area, and finally turbulent drag (full stall at landing), you will need a more conventional layout. That is just plane physics.

If you like the Q-2 layout, but still want it to land slower, you should look into getting a dragonfly. It lands slower because it has more wing area/longer wings. It also flies slower. No such thing as a free lunch.

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building

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