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ryan goodman

Jay, I'm in the springs. Not sure if we made the Colorado connection previously. /Ryan

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Yes, Colorado is a bit far for me to drive. I have a nice who occasionally travels to Colorado. She likes your new "weed" laws. I'm not into that sort of thing. However, I could catch a ride there, and demand I drive back......
I'll check the links out, and thanks again.

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Hi Norm,

I am in western Colorado, so not very close to you. I do not have a build log online, per se. I have a video channel that shows time-lapse of a number of my build steps. Mike Dwyer has a build log from from his construction eons ago and Sam Hoskins also has a nice blog with a lot of info. I also did an aerodynamic study of the Q recently that may be of interest to you. Links for all of these are below.

Mike's site: Mike Dwyer's Q200 Site

Sams' Blog
My Quickie Q-200

My YouTube channel:


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