Re: Noisy Wheels/Brakes and weight and balance

Calvin Thorne

I do not speak up on this group often but I have a GU canard with the conventional wheels.  During my rebuild I had played with the wheel/brake mating quite a lot.  The wheel is positioned by the through axle and my Airheart brake system is mounted to the inner wall of the wheel pant.  I had to use various numbers of washers on the upper and lower brake mounts to get the wheel to track without dragging.  My Q2 (Revmaster) makes almost no noise when rolling except for very light rubbing of the brake puck on the disc.   If you want I can email you my line drawing of my wheel and waher setup, each wheel is requires different waher numbers.

Q2 (Revmaster) C-GMBK 1800 hrs

Calvin Thorne

Cochrane Alberta


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