Re: Landing N46JP Q200 at Booneville, CA. [2 Attachments]

Jerry Marstall

Great pics.  Thx.



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Veterans Day Fly in in Booneville, Ca in Northern California, last Sunday. Photos by Sam K.

This is a short runway 2,800 x 50' wide with big hills on ends and sides! It was fun.

Basically side slipped down into the threshold so I could get the speed down to 72K and keep an eye on my left wheel pant to get it planted. Stayed on the power curve just because. Not recommend for newbies unless you've got some big ones.

I have around 2,000 take offs and landings on my Q bird by now. So far it has never deviated from the center line more than a couple of feet. Hope it stays that way.    

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200  


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