Save the Date Jan 7th

Martin Skiby

We will be having a BBQ at KMIT on Jan 7th at 1pm.  We will have both our TriQ200 and the new Q200 on display.  I would love to have all the CA and especially the Livermore group come over for a visit.  All are welcome of course, so this is not just for CA folks.  We will have plenty of parking and I would love a few eyes on the new Q200 we are about to have ready to go.  Oh yeah and we will have lots of food also.

We can also trade some rides in the TriQ so you can see if it goes fast or not!!!  And if possible I would love to get Jason a ride in a taildragger before he test flies ours.

I will send a flyer later, but please consider coming to see us.

Thanks all.

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