Re: Weight of Canard and Wing

Jay Scheevel

Here are my weights: Canard only with slot cores installed, weighed prior to installing on the airframe was 70 pounds. My wing  with trailing edges and slot cores, prior to installation was 37 pounds.

I keep revising my W&B in a spreadsheet as I add components to the airframe.  I have measured weight on the three wheels maybe 15 times since installing the gear legs several years ago. These weighings are done with or without any of the 32 individual sub-components that I treat as separate in my spreadsheet. I tweak any of the then-installed components after each weighing to match the spreadsheet weight and moment to the actual weight measured on the wheels. In this way I allocate additional weight to individual installed components until it matches each weighing. Some of this extra weight gets lumped as wing or canard including the mounting glass, fillets, fairings, elevators, ailerons, including elevator and aileron supports, torque tubes, control horns, mass-balance counterweights, nuts, bolts, etc.  At this time, with my plane  nearly finished, my spreadsheet shows the "canard" at 95 pounds, and the "main wing" at 47 pounds. So I have factored an additional 25 pounds to the canard and 10 pounds to the main wing, as installed.

By the way, my tail section is now complete and final painted. I ask people to guess the weight. The lowest guess has been 85 pounds. They are surprised when I tell them it weighs in at 32 pounds.

Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building 

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