Re: Project update

Jay Scheevel

Thanks for the complete summary Jon. A good review for me.  I enjoyed seeing your project briefly in November. I wish you the best when you decide to go for it.

After logging more than 500 hours and 700+ takeoffs and landings in a Cherokee 235, I think that you are probably on the right track using the PA-28 180 for currency training. The 235 has almost exactly the same wing loading, power loading, and corresponding numbers (no flaps) in the pattern as the Tri-Q (similar numbers in the 180). The Hershey Bar winged Cherokees have the laminar flow wing as well. I can testify that the sink rate is high when you get the power off and the airspeed low (like the Tri-Q) and it is easy to get behind the envelope, which is a bad place to be in the Q. The Tri-Q does not seem to bleed speed as fast as the Cherokee, as one would expect given its slicker airframe. The sight picture is completely different in the Q than the Cherokee, as you already well know. Sorry for my indulgence here, I am thinking out loud and writing it down while moving through all the aspects of the first flight in my head, even though I am way behind you.  It is a good exercise, at least for me.


Jay Scheevel, Tri-Q, still building

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