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Thanks, Jim. I really feel the need to understand the engine health so gotta get the EIS installed. The current system has Western Gages and I don't trust them. This engine isn't souped up and I plan to install the 60 x 68 Sterba onto it to start. I have been running these initial tests with a climb prop of unknown manufacturer. While there is a serial number on it I haven't been able to place it. It is sort of gigantic (60 X ?) compared to the Sterba, Amar Demuth and Prince P Tip I have laying around.  It has a red tip front and back and no blackout paint on the aft side. 

So fitting a Spinner to the Sterba is on the  to-do list and the EIS. 

The Canopy is original coffin hinge mounted with an air strut 16" closed 26 1/2" open and I am attempting to find a suitable replacement for the strut. I would love to have a forward sliding canopy but If I start revising too many items I will be delayed so looking again toward best safe path to airworthiness. 



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Hi Phil,

I installed anpolished aluminum spinner on it. Front 3/8" aluminum bulkhead is beveled to fit the spinner and wrapped with self bonding rubber to keep the spinner running true. Static rpm is 2350. I get about 150k at 2500 rpm which seems to be the sweet spot.

Glad to see you getting active again!

Your Northern CA buddy.

Jim P
N46JP Q200

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