Re: Q-200 Prop lengths and pitches

Martin Skiby

On the TriQ200 we have a 62X68 Performance Prop torqued to 30 foot LBS, 2400 static and 2900 WOT.  Installed the 60X72 Catto also at 30 foot lbs.  Turns 2300 static and 2800 WOT but is 5 mph faster than the performance prop.  We also have a Prince carbon P-Tip 58X71 prop that also calls for 30 foot lbs that we will try as soon as I get a spinner cut.  I am in hopes that the Prince is the best as that was my experience in the past with a Vari Eze and the P-Tip prop.  But we will see soon.

We will be running all of these on the Q200 tail dragger as well to compare.

All are available for people to try if you come to KMIT to see us.  I have a torque wrench and plenty of safety wire!!

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